ProTek Edge Bevel Grinder

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24.00 LBS

ProTek's Ski racing grinder is the state of the art in ski  grinding.  It is light weight, very accurate and extremely easy to use.  It comes with a dual grit wheel for roughing and finishing tech skis, with optional wheels for finishing speed skis.  It is micro adjustable from 0-10 degrees or from 80-89 degrees on the side edge in increments of .001 degrees. The upper assembly slides back from the edge while  you locate the guide rails and guide rollers against the  base and side edge.  When in place you release the slide,  and once the wheel comes in contact with the edge, you move slowly down the ski, till you come to the end and back the slide off the ski.

Comes with a diamond stone, dresser stick, 12V power supply. You will never tune skis again by hand once you have this. It does not throw up nearly the dust that other grinders do as the motor is spinning at a much lower RPM.  The edge finish is second to none and is ready to race on.  Only minor stoning needs to be done but is not necessary, and the tips and tails need to be filed where the stone will not reach. Surface Finishes of 30RMS or less are achieved with the roughing wheel, and  20RMS or less with the finish wheel.  Polishing wheels achieve a finish of less than 10RMS.

* Micro Adjustable angle 1-10 degrees in .001 degrees
* Very little Stock removal, micro adjustable to .0005"
* Very little airborne dust due to lower RPM of motor
* Extremely smooth edge 75-80% smoother than filing
* Easy to use, beginner can use with ease in minutes
* 4 grades of wheels available, Comes with dual rough finish wheel
* Save 12V simple power supply, with lighted on off switch
* Light in weight compared to other grinders
* Case Not Included but shown for reference
Delivery of Grinder by shipping requires purchase of case

Product Warrantied for 1 year for defects in materials or workmanship. Normal wear and tear and abuse is not covered under the warranty and may result in a repair charge.

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