Holmenkol Betamix Red 150g Bar

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1.00 LBS

Easy to use, very hard to miss the wax. For dry, old, aggressive , and course grained snow. For temperatures from -4 to -14 degrees C. 150 gram bar for great economy.    Holmenkol Betamix Red is the ideal all around wax for a majority of situations.  It works best if applied over a previous coat of Alphamix Yellow for the best adhesion.

Tips for Proper Application of Holmenkol Betamix Red Ski Wax:

Apply Holmenkol Betamix Red wax over a cooled scraped and brushed layer of Holmenkol Alphamix Yellow for best adhesion.  Allow ski to cool to room temperature and then scrape.  Use a sharp scraper and remove as much wax as possible.  Then brush your skis using a stiff nylon or horsehair base brush or roto brush.  If you are waxing 2 or more pair of skis, finish at least two pairs of skis waxing before you go back and scrape the first pair.

Snow temp range: 7F / 25F (-14C / -4C): Iron Temp: 257F / 275F (125C to 135C): 150 grams (5.29 oz)