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Holmenkol Ultramix Blue 150g Bar

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1.00 LBS
Holmenkol Ultramix Blue 150g Bar

Easy to use, very hard to miss the wax. For cold particularly old and aggressive snow. For temperatures from -8 to -20 degrees C. 150 gram bar for great economy.  Holmenkol Utramix Blue is a great training or ski racing wax for cold snow and will help prevent base burn on cold days.

Tip for Waxing using Holmenkol Ultra Mix Blue:

When waxing with Holmenkol Ultramix Blue wax, it is best to put the blue wax over a brushed and scraped Betamix Red wax for better adhesion.  Let the Ultramix cool to a warm temperature on the base so the wax is firm but not fully cooled yet. (usually about 1-2 minutes depending on the temperature of the room)  Then scrape while still warm.  Allowing the Ultramix Blue to cool fully till the ski is cold, the wax will be very hard to scrape and in some case simply flake off.  Use a sharp scraper and brush with a stiff nylon or horsehair brush.

Snow temp range: -4F / 7F (-20C / -14C): Iron Temp: 275F / 284F (135C to 140C): 150 grams (5.29 oz)