Holmenkol Alphamix Yellow 6 x 150g Bar

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1.00 LBS

Easy to use, very hard to miss the wax. For soft, wet, new and fine grained snow. For temperatures from 0 to -4 degrees C. 6 x 150 gram bars for great economy. Holmenkol Alphamix Yellow is a great wax to use as a base prep wax on new skis, travel wax, cleaning wax on dirty skis, and for warm temperatures.  

Tips for Using Holmenkol Alphamix Yellow:

When using Alphamix Yellow to clean your skis, Wax the ski moving the iron quickly over the base at a lower temperature till the wax is fully liquid or shiny on the base, then scrape while it is still liquid or hot.  This will pull old wax and dirt out of your skis.  Repeat this process till no more dirt comes out of the base when scraping and the wax is clean scraping off.  When using as a travel wax don't scrape at all.  When using as a race or training wax, scrape once the ski cools completely.

Snow temp range: 25F / 32F (-4C / 0C): Iron Temp: 239F / 257F (115C to 125C): 150 grams (5.29 oz)